Cost of Divorce in New York

The cost of a New York divorce varies on a case-by-case basis. This is due to several factors that impact the total cost of a New York divorce. The factors that affect the cost of a divorce in New York include, but are not limited to, court fees, attorney fees, document preparation fees, trial fees, and other expenses related to settlement of a case such as mediation. For these reasons you should look at the total divorce cost as a combination of all professional fees and costs.

The most predictable cost in any divorce is the court fees. There are two court fees in New York: the initial filing fee is $210.00 to obtain an index number, and the final filing fee is $125.00 to place your case on the Court’s matrimonial calendar and to finalize your divorce case where you request judicial intervention. The court fees are mandatory unless you qualify for a waiver. We provide the fee waiver application upon request or when we see it may be appropriate. The court fees are paid to the court at the time of submitting your paperwork to the court.

How can I save money on my New York divorce?

The first way to save on your divorce in New York is by reaching an agreement with your spouse. By reaching an agreement you do not have to pay attorneys to litigate the issues of your divorce or attend mediation. By not overpaying for attorney and other professional services, and the related fees, you can control the cost of your divorce. Keep in mind that most all divorce cases end by agreement eventually, even if you spend thousands preparing for a court battle. In such cases you spend all your money paying an attorney to negotiate, usually with your spouse’s attorney.

A second way to save is to use New York Divorce Online. Once you have your agreement, you answer questions online and then you and your spouse review the paperwork online that reflects your agreements. You and your spouse then may sign and notarize the paperwork online. You can then have us E-file your case for you and then you will place your divorce case on the matrimonial calendar. A judge will be assigned and he or she will sign off on the divorce if all the papers are complete. No court visits, no office visits, no driving around looking for notaries. And best of all, you paid a lawyer-free price for our online attorney service.

What is an agreed divorce?

An agreed (or uncontested) divorce is where you and your spouse reach an agreement on the issues of your divorce before you file. The divorce settlement agreement covers how you will divide your marital property and debts and if you have children explains how you will handle child support, custody and visitation. By reaching an agreement, you can save thousands of dollars on your divorce.

What does this website offer?

Through this website you can complete an agreed divorce 100% online. You simply answer a series of questions, and then submit your answers. The online attorney will prepare all the paperwork for you. Then, you and your spouse review it. Next, you and your spouse each can sign and notarize the paperwork online with our E-notary service. We can then E-file your case for you with the appropriate Supreme Court.

What does your service cost?

We offer pay-per-step pricing through a flexible pay-per-need service model. And we allow you to make payments on your schedule and when it works best for you.

New York requires two separate court actions to complete a divorce. We provide two services: case initiation service and case finalization. Both services include: an licensed New York attorney drafting all your paperwork for you, our online notary service, all court fees and the attorney e-filing all documents for you.

Here is the breakdown of costs:

Phase 1: Total cost is only $475 and it is specifically broken down as follows:

  • Attorney’s Fees: $195
  • Virtual Signing Session - includes remote signing, digital signature, and remote online notary: $60
  • Court Fee: $210
  • Surcharge for e-filing charged by New York: $10

Phase 2: Total Cost is only $475 and includes all documents needed to finalize the divorce. The cost is specifically broken down as follows:

  • Attorney’s Fees: $215
  • Virtual Signing Session - includes remote signing, digital signature, and remote online notary: $60 each spouse
  • Second New York Court Filing Fee and e-file surcharge from the state (called RJI and Note of Issue): $140

Please Note:

If you make an error on the questionnaire in phase 1 or phase 2 that is material to your case, there will be a $50 revision fee for the attorney to correct case documents.

If at any time you wish to dismiss your case once it is filed with the court, New York charges a fee for this service. The total fee (state fee + attorney’s fee) is $100.

Any payments made via CashApp will result in a small additional fee to cover the convenience fee charged to us by CashApp. The amount varies based on dollar amount.