New York Divorce Parenting Class

In accordance with New York State law, courts may mandate that parents who are divorcing or separating and have minor children complete a parent education course. This educational requirement aims to help families navigate the complexities of divorce and separation, particularly where the well-being of minor children is concerned. offers a New York State-approved Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course that meets the criteria set forth by New York courts. This comprehensive course is designed to educate parents on how to effectively communicate, understand age-specific reactions in children, and implement strategies to minimize stress for all family members while upholding a constructive parent-child relationship.

The course is available online for a nominal fee of just $25 per parent, making it both affordable and convenient. Unlike some states, New York doesn’t require you to pass a test to receive your certificate of completion. Simply register, engage with the course material, and you’ll receive your certificate, validating that you’ve met the educational criteria required by New York courts.

If you’re undergoing a divorce or separation in New York State, our course is a valuable resource to help you and your family adapt to your changing circumstances in a healthy and supportive way.

To take the course in English use the following link