This website simplifies and streamlines the divorce process so that you can complete it easily. Every step of the process can be managed for you.

Our online New York divorce process allows you to start and finalize your divorce online. You answer simple questions via this website. The online attorney prepares all the divorce paperwork for you based on your unique situation and circumstances. The divorce papers drafted are specific to and meet the requirements of the Supreme Court in your county.

Upon receipt of the attorney prepared paperwork, you and your spouse review and then sign and notarize the documents. New York no longer accepts online notary. Until this changes you and your spouse must sign and notarize the documents with a local notary.

The final step is for the online attorney to E-File all the paperwork with the court. No trips to the court to file paperwork, no parking and waiting in lines at the courthouse.

Divorce in New York is a two-step court process. To start a divorce case, you first file a few documents to obtain an Index Number. Once the court provides the index number, you must then file a second set of documents known as a Request for Judicial Intervention so that the court can finalize your divorce.

We can draft all documents for both steps. Please note these are two separate services. Also, the State of New York charges two different court fees - one for each court process.

If you do not yet have an agreement with your spouse or if your spouse is missing, you can still start your divorce via this website. In such cases, the process is similar. You will answer questions, the online attorney prepares the paperwork, you sign and notarize with a local notary. You then submit the paperwork to the court by following the attorney’s step-by-step instructions and receive an index number from the court.

If you already have a pending case (index number) with the court, and you have reached an agreement with your spouse, the online attorney can draft the paperwork you need to finalize your divorce. This is known as a request for judicial intervention. This final step can be completed for you by the online attorney. The attorney can E-file your request for judicial intervention and the court will finalize your divorce without any court appearance by either you or your spouse.

Thousands have used our online process to start and finalize their divorces. New York Divorce Online operates in compliance with the New York Bar Association, and utilizes the official documents of the New York Office of Court Administration.