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Divorce laws in New York

New York divorce law are found in New York statutes in the section 61 to include 542 sections and each sections containing multiple sections.

The circuit courts, located in each county in New York, have exclusive jurisdiction to process and rule on divorce cases. In addition to the New York Statutes there are numerous rules of procedure that apply to how a divorce case is processed through the court and what actions and deadlines apply to the divorcing spouses. In addition, each individual court may have local rules and procedures relevant only to that county. These local rules are in addition to the standard rules of procedure that apply to all circuit courts in New York.

Divorce is not only an emotional progression but a very real and serious legal event. A divorce order legally and permanently ends a marriage. The final judgement in dissolution of marriage indicates how assets and debts are to be divided and sets out child support, timesharing and parental responsibility should the spouses have children together. Having knowledge of the law and your rights are imperative as the decisions and agreements you reach with your spouse have long term consequences.

‍In order to aid you in improving your knowledge of divorce law in New York we have extracted certain sections of the New York Statutes for you. We organized these sections of law into common areas wherein couples generally have the most questions.

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