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Confirm you qualify to use New York Divorce Online then complete Two Easy Steps:
STEP 1: You answer questions online. The attorney drafts paperwork to initiate your divorce. You sign and notarize your documents online. The attorney files them with the court and obtains our Index Number. ($245 service fee*/$230 court fee)
STEP 2: The attorney drafts more documents. You and your spouse sign and notarize them online. The attorney files and finalizes your agreed divorce with the court. ($320 service fee*/$155 court fee).
File the papers with the court (online option)*Service fees are inclusive of both the attorney fee and remote online notary fee. Court fees are separate from service fees

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The total cost of the first New York Divorce Online service is only $245. Payment plans are available if you can’t afford to pay the service fees in a single payment. The total cost of the second New York Divorce Online service is $320 as more legal documents are required. New York requires two separate court processes to complete your uncontested divorce and that’s why we offer the pay-as-you-go process. You do not have to pay both service fees at the same time allowing you manage your money. Mandatory court fees for each step are separate from our service fees. The Step 1 court fees is $230 and the Step 2 court fees are only $155. Court fees are paid when you are ready for your legal documents to be processed by the court. With our process you pay on your schedule and there is no need for a large payment up front. We believe we are the most affordable divorce attorney service in New York.

Straightforward and Affordable Pricing for any Budget

If you and your spouse are in agreement on the terms of your divorce, you can use this website and receive a complete uncontested New York divorce case online. We prepare all your divorce documents allowing you to obtain a final divorce decree from your local district court in New York.The online case attorney will draft all your case documents to reflect the agreement you and your spouse reached. Your divorce case documents will be legally accurate and contain the appropriate legal language pertinent for your unique situation and set of circumstances. Your case attorney will also provide you with detailed, step-by-step case completion instructions that you follow to finalize your uncontested divorce case with your local district court.

If you want to see if your situation qualifies for New York Divorce Online click here.

Are their cheaper options?

Nearly all "online" services are not provided by licensed attorneys. Most are simply software programs or typing services that simply take your personal information entered by you online and places your information into generic divorce documents. Some services do not even use New York specific divorce documents.

These non-attorney services cannot draft unique legal language for you or answer your legal questions. Only a licensed attorney can answer your legal questions, provide legal advice to you, help you make decisions about your divorce case to include which legal documents should be used or not used, and what legal language to include or exclude in order to properly customize the documents to fit your personal situation, circumstances, and agreements with your spouse.

What appears to be cheaper may not actually be once you carefully review what they really provide – typing services only. By law, if no attorney is involved, typing is all the website can actually offer. Ironically, you will discover that most of the non-attorney typing service websites actually charge more for their typing services than New York Divorce Online does for our online attorney service.

By using New York Divorce Online service, you are assured that your case documents will be prepared by a duly licensed New York attorney experienced in New York divorce and family law. Your divorce case documents will be drafted to specifically reflect your situation, circumstances, and agreements with your spouse. A generic final decree may not be legally sufficient, thus preventing the judge from approving it. This will delay you from ending your marriage until the final decree is drafted correctly and if you fail to act timely, the court may dismiss your case requiring you to file for divorce again in order to dissolve your New York marriage.

How is this website unique?

Our service is unique for several reasons. First, our services are provided by licensed attorneys experienced with New York divorce and family law. Second, our services are provided 100% online and no office visit is ever required. Finally, our professional attorney-led legal services are very affordable. For these reasons, you can be assured your divorce case will be prepared accurately and you can obtain a divorce using the legal documents we provide you. You get all this without the otherwise high costs of using a traditional attorney to obtain your New York divorce. You do not have to go it alone, without any attorney assistance, because you can’t afford traditional high cost attorney fees.

Is attorney help included?

Yes. With our service a licensed attorney will prepare all the legal documents you need to finalize your uncontested divorce with your local district court. All legal documents are drafted by an attorney based upon your personal situation and circumstances. Your case attorney is available online and you may ask questions online at anytime. Telephone consultations are available should you wish to speak with an attorney by telephone.

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Attorney Advertisement. No representation is made that the quality of the legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of legal services performed by other lawyers.

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